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    company introduction


    Shandong Zhongrun Machinery CO.,LTD, set up in 2007, is located in one of the ancient Kyushu Qingzhou city, Shandong province, China. Our company focuses on the research, development, production, sales, trade, engineering and services of the exhaust fans, aixal fans, cooling pad, heater, climate controller and others equipment of livestock and greenhouse. With a high-quality staff team, strong product production, research and development capabilities, rich expertise and targeted design which can according to the actual situation to fully meet customer needs.
    news introduction


    Three important indexes of modern agriculture and stockbreeding fan11-08

    Three important indexes of...

    Agrifan is a most invovative environmental company. Agrifan is thrilled to announce our next generation 54’’ exhaust...

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    Agricultural Ventilation Fans, Performance and Efficiencies11-05

    Agricultural Ventilation Fans,...

    Agricultural Ventilation Fans, Performance and EfficienciesEach test included here is for a "fully dressed" fan with...

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    Necessity of ventilation in livestock and poultry houses12-09

    Necessity of ventilation in...

    There 5 elements have effect on raising livestock to achieve the best production performance, as following:1 ) Maintain ...

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